More time in the studio

Went to the studio this morning and my lamp had melted onto my lightbulb and the whole thing died on me. It was terrifying because what if it had caught fire??? Don’t want to think about it. Lesson learned AND I need a new lamp.

Abstract art by Kristina afonso made in YEG
Abstract art made by Kristina afonso YEG
Made in Edmonton Alberta Canada by Kristina afonso
Afonsoabstractart  images
Made by Kristina afonso in Edmonton Alberta Canada
Back in the studio
How to get inspired and not be bored with your art
Abstract art by Kristina adonso

By Afonso Abstract Art

Hello, my name is Kristina. I always knew I was a creative-type person but I just didn’t have a name for it in grade two. I grew up working in my dad's art gallery. After high school, I pursued art at Capilano University in Vancouver, BC; and from there, went onto obtain a bachelor of design with honours at the University of Alberta.

Kandinsky said, “it is evident therefore, that colour harmony must rest only on a corresponding vibration of the human soul.”

I make minimalist, gestural, abstract art. I aim for integrity; the only idea I follow is to be true and honest to my art. I hope that viewers feel a sense of freedom and austerity.

Typically, the material inspires me, followed closely by a compulsion to draw, which ends up leading me. Usually, I do not have a specific idea in mind. I do everything spontaneously, but not always, I have my considered portions. It’s never the same though. It’s unpredictable.

I love to work with oils and pencil. Watercolour is not far behind. Willow bark and conte are also in the top five.

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