Looking to get into a show.

Trying for myself

I don’t have really much experience in getting my work shown but I am thinking to do so. Most of the originals are very small. I’d go to IKEA to get them framed because they are nice frames. I don’t know if that’s fly with the gallery though. It’s just plastic “glass”.

Moreover, I choose IKEA not because I am trying to be cheap, it’s because a frame is so very difficult. It’s because I feel IKEA frames would suit my work best is why. The reality of it it that there is so much going on in most of my paintings (plus they are (again) small), I think it would work best. Also, because I want people to focus on the art and not have the art competing with the frame. Never mind that the paintings are on paper and a frame would be required.

On another note, I will start by inquiring about the parameters involved to get into a show when I go next to the artist-run Center, Harcourt House. I feel that it would suit my art the best. I am sure at a high end gallery the requirements would be higher, but and plus, I haven’t seen any other gallery that would suit my kind of art. Most of what I’ve seen is super contemporary. Mine is too, but it just wouldn’t fit the vibe. It’s super exciting and wild. Compare that to a painting of some object or person with a simplistic idea, it just doesn’t swing.

I’ve also read, in addition to that, that now for galleries to accept you, you need to have a super big following on places like Instagram and Facebook in order to be accepted. I don’t have a big enough following yet—those kinds of things take years. Plus it needs to be really nice work. Mine is still pretty amateur.

Furthermore, I’ve read up on lots of articles on how to get into a gallery and the main theme seems to be, try, and keep trying, and keep trying, and keep trying, and trying, and trying.

Afonsoabstractart creation for abstract contemporary paintings
Orange and white abstract piece by afonsoabstractart
A picture I’d like to put in a show. How do you know which art pieces to put in a show?

None of these are harmonious with each other, except maybe the blue and orange pieces lol.

Black and white abstract, contemporary piece by afonsoabstractart
Red on red abstract art piece by afonsoabstractart. Ideas to put into and art show
Red circles with vibrant scribbles with white oil thinly layered. Painting by afonsoabstractart
White on rust orange. A contemporary, abstract painting by afonsoabstractart. How to have a break through with your art

By Afonso Abstract Art

Hello, my name is Kristina. I always knew I was a creative-type person but I just didn’t have a name for it in grade two. I grew up working in my dad's art gallery. After high school, I pursued art at Capilano University in Vancouver, BC; and from there, went onto obtain a bachelor of design with honours at the University of Alberta.

Kandinsky said, “it is evident therefore, that colour harmony must rest only on a corresponding vibration of the human soul.”

I make minimalist, gestural, abstract art. I aim for integrity; the only idea I follow is to be true and honest to my art. I hope that viewers feel a sense of freedom and austerity.

Typically, the material inspires me, followed closely by a compulsion to draw, which ends up leading me. Usually, I do not have a specific idea in mind. I do everything spontaneously, but not always, I have my considered portions. It’s never the same though. It’s unpredictable.

I love to work with oils and pencil. Watercolour is not far behind. Willow bark and conte are also in the top five.